Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Slightly Embarassing Moment

After my son was born, two of my friends from High School came to visit me. Onyznite and X are very dear friends of mine, like sisters. I got to see very little of them after moving to Tennessee. Onyznite was in Nashville, attending Vanderbilt University, and my friend X was in Boulder CO, attending University there. I meanwhile had settled down into the family life, but was very self concious of my decision to do so, so was naturally doing my best to appear very Martha Stewart and all.

I went into my bedroom and laid my clothes out on the bed so that I could get dressed. Unbeknownst to me, K-Bug at 3 years old snuck into the room and stole my panties off of my bed, proceeding to take them out to the living room, and model them over top of her clothes and as a hat for my dear friends. As I was in the bedroom searching for the missing panties, gales of laughter floated to my ears, and mortification bloomed as I realized what happened. But making the best of the situation I waltzed out in my bathrobe, tickled my daughter, retrieved the panties and went to get dressed.

My friends were greatly entertained.


Smiler said...

That kind of story is funny in retrospective, but less so when you're in it in the moment aren't they? And a lot of the time, what seems embarrassing to us is more to do with our perception of what people might think than anything real. Thanks for sharing that, I'll be mulling over it for a while.

Onyznite said...

Oh yeah! I remember that. I hope you know the laughter was a reaction to the scene and not at you. You are Super Mom to us. And I remember being grateful in witnessing and being a part of a "mommy" moment.